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My name is Halyna Pavlenko. I am a psychologist, certified psychotherapist, gestalt therapist, founder of a psychological center, and author of a children’s book.

And also… I am a wife, mother of two boys, and a successful woman.

For 12 years I have been doing what I love – helping my clients find a way out of difficult life situations. And I am convinced that a team can always achieve more than one person. That is why I have founded a psychological center and recruited a team of professionals with different specializations.

Psychologist Services in Dnipro

We commonly work with the difficulties of foreigners in the format of individual and paired psychological consultations:

couple difficulties

Love and Relationship

We work out your difficulties with partners, difficult feelings, and misunderstandings that appear in your relationships. We find out what’s going on in your life that leads to dissatisfaction. We find out how you build relationships with others: partners, colleagues, beloved, parents, and friends. We are looking for new ways to interact. More creative, more productive, and happier.

immigrants difficulties


The feeling of loneliness, rejection, and isolation are the common problems of many foreigners. Cultural features and differences in mentality make the process of adaptation more difficult. And twice as difficult to cope with it alone. So if you face similar difficulties or stuck with some life problems I can help you deal with them together.

work and study difficulties

Work and study

Arriving in a new country to study or work, you may be shocked that these processes are organized here in a completely different way. Everything is completely different, new, and incomprehensible: rituals, jokes, customs. And it may seem that I am completely alone in this situation and there is no one to help me!

Our Team

Trusting your beloved clients to someone is incredibly difficult. Therefore, I approach the selection of the center’s psychologists more than carefully. My team members are people I trust 100%.

психолог Галина Павленко

Halyna Pavlenko

Founder & Chief Psychologist

Психолог Алена Хименко

Alyona Khymenko

English Speaking Psychologist

Психолог Анжела Бирук



Психолог Лариса Пастухова

Larysa Pastukhova


Psychologist Consultation in Dnipro

Psychotherapy is a wonderful way to get to know yourself, learn about your desires and needs, improve your life and relationships with others.


(UAH – ukrainian hryvnia)


personal consultation


couple consultation

Happy customer`s reviews

As our clients told me, it is quite difficult to admit that you need psychological help. It takes a lot of courage to make an appointment with a psychologist. But the reward for this is HARMONY within yourself and HAPPINESS, which was so lacking in your previous life.

Психолог Днепр отзывы
Психолог Днепропетровск отзывы
Детский психолог Днепр отзывы
Семейный психолог Днепр отзывы
Детский психолог Днепропетровск отзывы
Семейный психолог Днепропетровск отзывы

Опытный Психолог Днепр отзывы
Опытный Психолог Днепропетровск отзывы
Опытный детский психолог Днепр отзывы
Опытный семейный психолог Днепр отзывы
Опытный детский психолог Днепропетровск отзывы
Опытный семейный психолог Днепропетровск отзывы

Психотерапевт Днепр отзывы
Психотерапевт Днепропетровск отзывы
Детский Психотерапевт Днепр отзывы
Семейный Психотерапевт Днепр отзывы
Детский Психотерапевт Днепропетровск отзывы
Семейный Психотерапевт Днепропетровск отзывы

Опытный Психотерапевт Днепр отзывы
Опытный Психотерапевт Днепропетровск отзывы
Опытный Детский Психотерапевт Днепр отзывы
Опытный Семейный Психотерапевт Днепр отзывы
Опытный Детский Психотерапевт Днепропетровск отзывы
Опытный Семейный Психотерапевт Днепропетровск отзывы

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